The Brewery

The warehouses where the Lambic, Gueuze and Kriek matured as well as the workshop remained in the family’s ownership, undergoing transformations over the years. The old workshop has now been refurbished, respecting the patrimonial nature of the building to accommodate a microbrewing facility integrated into the urban environment. 

Here are some of the improvements that have been implemented :

  • Priority use of sustainable energy (solar panels) for brewing
  • Heat generated from the brew process is recuperated, including recuperating heat from water vapor which is both energy efficient and eliminates adverse smells in the environment. 
  • The building has been isolated to reduce the impact of noise and vibration
  • The interior has been entirely renovated with new electricity and plumbing as well as brewery compatible floor and drains

The beer warehouse is now used as private apartments and is also home to the Rayon Vert cultural center on the ground floor, however a large part of the  cellar that is also accessible from the new brewing facility is being refurbished for future use in beer maturation. 

The location is easily accessible by numerous means of public transportation: 

  • 3 minute walk from the Jette train station
  • Minutes walk from tram 19 and bus 14 & 88

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The Brewery transformation

These pictures show the evolution of the works to its final result today: