The original brewery, named the Brasserie-Malterie Taymans, was born through the association of Adolphe-Philippe Taymans, brewer from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, and his father in law, Pierre Belien, beer merchant established in Jette-Saint-Pierre. 

A warehouse was built for maturing Lambic in 1906 and the Brewhouse was ready in 1911 on the other side of the street (Rue Van Huyneghem), just next to what is known today as the Park Garcet. The brewhouse at Rue Van Huyneghem 35 was a 4 vessel system with a brewing capacity of 120 hl per batch. The beer brewed at n°35 was cooled overnight in a coolship, then transferred to oak barrels that were then rolled across the road to the warehouse at n°32. The surface of the beer warehouse was 300 m2 per level for 5 levels so 1500 m2 of barrel space in total. 

The main market was in Brussels, and the brewery survived despite going through very challenging times such as both world wars. Pierre Taymans (his full first name was Adolphe-Pierre but everyone called him Pierre) took over the brewery in 1936 and continued the operations despite the limited development options authorized to him on the site. 

The brewery ceased operations in 1970 at the retirement of our grandfather, Pierre Taymans and the main buildings took a new life. The family house and adjacent brewhouse were transformed into a youth center welcoming local youth for many years before making way later for an extension of the Park and adjoining school.


The warehouses where the Geuze and Kriek matured as well as the workshop remained in the family’s possession. Six of the  grandchildren of Pierre Taymans decide to revive the family brewery in part of the buildings of the original brewery. Our installation has a 10 HL capacity, i.e. 1/12th of  the original brewery’s capacity


Pierre Taymans ceased operations of the brewery. The family house and the brewhouse were converted into a youth center. The building was removed in the 1990s for an extension of the Park and adjoining school


Adolphe-Philippe Taymans passes away in 1936 and his wife Jeanne Catherine Anna Belien the year after. Their son, Pierre Taymans, takes over the brewery.


Inauguration of the brewhouse built on the other side of the street of the warehouse. Adolphe-Philippe Taymans is now in charge of both brewing and blending activities. A little later, in the 1920s, a malt house was built aside of the brewery and the warehouse enlarged. The company was then known as "Brasserie-Malterie Taymans / Brouwerij-Mouterij Taymans".


Construction of the initial section of the warehouse on Van Huyneghem street (known at that time as the Vandenschriek street)


Adolphe-Philippe Taymans, brewer from Molenbeek-Saint-Jean, marries Jeanne Catherine Anna Belien, daughter of Pierre Belien, beer merchant in Jette-Saint-Pierre. Adolphe-Philippe Taymans and Pierre Belien will soon also develop a business association to set up a brewery and malthouse in Jette.

The logo

How to read our logo?

This logo is the last logo of the original Brasserie Taymans Brouwerij that ceased its operations in 1970. In the upper part are represented 2 keys. These are the keys of Saint Peter which open the gate of paradise! Of course because we are in Jette-Saint-Pierre and the brewery is also close to the Saint Pierre church on Place Cardinal Mercier.
Under the dividing line in V are depicted 2 solid wooden trunks. It is a noble wood like oak which symbolizes the use of wood in the production of beer, in particular the oak barrels in which the Lambic rests, but not only…
The colors of white on a blazing red background represent the colors used by the brewery of yesteryear, but are not the only ones. For example, green on a yellow background is also used.